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The Companies
This is a list of the Swedish companies that in one way or the other are involved in the space industry. They are listed in alfabethical order. You might have heard of Volvo Aero, Saab Space and Swedish Space Corporation, but are you familiar with ECAPS or with Yo Yo Technology ? The description of every company is copied - but shortened - from the company´s website.

A.C.R Electronic
Mechanical and electronic design and contruction. Spacecraft structure, sensor technology. Microwave antennas.

(the company has no web-site)                   Box 99
Phone: 0156-19177                                   619 22 Trosa 

provides solutions based on competence in electronics, optics and communication technology. The company can help customers to develop new ideas. 

www.acreo.se                                           Electrum  236      
Phone: +46 8 6327700                                Se-164 40 Kista

empowers Mission Critical Systems worldwide built on digital maps, location based information and real-time position data. 

www.carmenta.se                                      Box 311 21
Phone: +46 31 7755700                              SE-400 32 Goethenburgh  

has acquired NordNav Technologies and the assets of Cambridge Positioning Systems Ltd. This will allow CSR to provide software-based high performance Global Positioning System suitable for mass-market mobile handsets, Personal Navigation Devices, PCs and other portable devices.

www.csr.com                                           Cambridge Science Park
Phone: +44 1223 692000                            Milton Road  
                                                             Cambridge, UK

headquarted in Stockholm is a world leader of stabilised satellite antenna systems for vessels and vehicles requiring satellite-based broadband communication.

www.C2SAT.com                                      Kungsvagen 26
Phone: +46 8 7480140                               SE-191 45 Sollentuna

was founded by Swedish Space Corporation and Volvo Aero in the year 2000 with the objective to develop, manufacture and market reduced hazard propulsion systems. ECAPS is since 2006 fully owned by Swedish Space. ECAPS innovations within green propellants and related SPS products shall enable increased access to space by simplifying the customers´s satellite and launcher systems. 

www.ECAPS.se                                        P.O. Box 4207
Phone: +46 8 6276200                              SE-171 04 Solna

Internet access via satellite. Our cutting-edge technology makes use of various return channels for data upload while the downloading of data is done via traditional satellite. Our products include advanced features and uses online automatic updates for maintainance of longer lifetime. All our products can be customized for our customers individual Standard offers includes user web interfaces and box labeling. 

www.forsway.com                                  Kaplansgatan 16 B
Phone: +46 500448973                            Se-541 34 Skovde

is a privately owned company that provides IP cores and supporting development tools for embedded processors based on the SPARC architecture. The key product is the LEON synthesizable processor model together with a full development environment and a library of IP cores. The company specializes in digital hardware design for both commercial and aerospace applications. 

www.gaisler.com                                   Forsta Langgatan19
Phone: +46 31 7758650                          SE- 413 27 Goethenburgh

was established by the Swedish Space Corporation and professor Lars Stenmark. In 2006 SSC acquired Stenmarks shares. NanoSpace´s goal is to develop and provide commercial products for the space industry based on MEMS technology (Micro Electro Mechanical Systems). NanoSpace products are initially a miniatyrized propulsion system for satellites and a Xenon flow controll system for ion engines, both based on the previous research and development performed at the Ångström Laboratory in Uppsala on contracts with the European Space Agency.

www.nanospace.se                                 Uppsala Science Park
Phone: +46 8 6276200                             SE- 46 8 6276200

has through the years mainly been engaged in custom design projects, incorporating advanced analog, microwave, ASIC and power electronics. Examples range from a power system for an ESA satellite, full custom ASIC designs for several projects, to subsystems for scientific radiometers, such as ODIN, SMILES and TELIS. The majority of the projects involve both prototyping and hardware demonstrations. To accomplish this, Omnisys has set up a production and test facility which matches the design environment. Omnisys lab has instruments for microwave characterisation and measurements such as spectrum analyzers and vector analyzers, several digital oscilloscopes, as well as facilities for power system test and verification. 

www.omnisys.se                                    SE- 421 30 Vastra Froelunda 
Phone. +46 31 373400    

is a leading supplier of high performing plating-processes to the surface treatment industry. The core business is products for silver-plating for technical appications. The company is also a consultant for developing metallization processes for new, advanced technical applications.

www.polykomp.se                                 Kyrkogatan 11
Phone: +46 17675850                            761 30 Norrtalje

RUAG Aerospace Sweden AB
is a world-class supplier of highly qualified space equipment: computer systems, antennas and microwave electronics for satellites and adapters and separation systems for launchers. Saab Space is owned by one of the biggest companies in Sweden, The Saab Group.

www.ruag.com                             SE-405 15 Goethenburgh
Phone: +46 31 7350000

The company owns and operates the satellites in the SIRIUS Satellite System. SIRIUS offers cost-effective solutions for broadcasting and broadband services for customers in the Nordic, Baltic and Central and East European countries. The satellites are located at orbital position 5 degrees East and offer reliable communication links across Europe. The high power transponders of SIRIUS makeit possible to receive the transmission with small antennas, 45-60 cm in Nordicand Baltic countries, 60-70 cm in the rest of Europe.   

www.ses-sirius.se                                 Sundbybergsvagen 1
Phone: +46 8 282480                             Se- 171 73 Solna

provides image production solutions for satellite and airborne sensors. These solutions streamline the process between image acquisation and application with a focus on automated methods in operational environments. Spacemetric was founded in 1999 to exploit techniques in advanced satellite photogrammetry, originating with Sweden´s participation in the Spot programme.

www.spacemetric.se                           Tingsvagen 19  
Phone: +46 8 594770                           SE-191 61 Sollentuna

derives its origin partly from research conducted at the Royal Institute of Technology, a leading Swedish technical university, and partly from research at AGA Innovation Center. The Center comprised of laboratories for long-term research of AGA AB, a major Swedish industrial group. In 1980 the AGA Group brought together the various high technology and electro-optics businesses to form a new group. The thin film optics projects were transferred to a subsidiary, AGA Optical, which eventually became Spectrogon. Spectrogon AB became an independant company in 1991 in an employee buy-out.

www.spectrogon.com                           Box 2076
Phone: +46 8 6382800                          SE-183 02 Taby

designs, launches, tests and operates space and aerospace systems. The company is divided into four divisions:
Space Systems Division (satellite systems, rocket systems and payload)
Satellite Operations Division (mission controll services, ground station services and teleport services), Aerospace Services Division (rocket aunch services, balloon launch services and flight test services)
Aerborne Systems (maritime surveillance systems)
SCC owns 100 % of NanoSpace, ECAPS and the German company LSE, and 25 % of SES Sirius.
SSC was founded by the Swedish government in 1972 and is now owned by the Swedish Ministry of Enterprise, Energy and Communications.  

www.ssc.se                                       Box 4207 
Phone: +46 8 6276200                         SE-171 04 Solna

SWE-DISH Satellite Systems
provides satellite communications products and service to the world market. Swe-dish develop, produce, integrate, sell and support products and services for digital transmission of image, voice and data, with focus on mobile satellite terminals and enabling service.

www.swe-dish.se                                 P.O. Box 6075 
Phone: +46 8 7285000                          Se- 171 06 Solna

is a company with focus on the designand architecture for space and extreme environments. Our philosophy is that crosspollination between different industries creates synergies that generate innovative and unique design solutions. Our process is characterized by design combined with technology transfer from the space industry to commercial everyday products.

www.umbilicaldesign.se                          Idungatan 4 B
Phone: +46 8 4415772                           113 45 Stockholm

GKN Aerospace Sweden 
develops and manufactures high-technology components for aircraft-, rocket- and gasengines, in cooperation with the world´s leading engine manufacturers. Volvo Aero is one of the companies making up the core of the European space program. As a partner in the field of space propulsion, Volvo has developed market-leading capabilities in rocket engine turbines and combustion chambers/nozzles. Volvo Aero is owned by one of the biggest companies in Sweden, Volvo AB.

www.volvo.com                                    461 81 Trollhättan
Phone: +46 52094000

The human body relies on gravity to maintain muscle strenght and power. Without normal gravitional pull, skeletal muscle size and bone density decrease, much as when patients are confined to bed. In an effort to combat the ebilitating effects of weightlessness, Drs Per Tesch and Hans Berg of the Karolinska Institute, Stockholm,have researched this problem with support from NASA, ESA and the Swedish National Space Board. YoYo technology has developed several exercise concepts for astronauts. 

(No web-site at the moment.)                Regeringsgatan 82
Phone: +46 8 4548650                          111 39 Stockholm

accomodates most of physics, astronomy and materials science departments of Uppsala University.

www.aaerospace.com                           Dag Hammarskjoldsvagen 54
Phone: +46 18 560130                          Biomedit II
                                                        Uppsala Science Park 
                                                        751 83 Uppsala

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